Teaching and pedagogical activities

Since my time as a doctoral student, I have been participating actively in education in various ways, involving myself in course development work as well as teaching and supervising on bachelor, master, and PhD levels. Below is a short list of my pedagocial merits and recent activities. For a detailed description of my activities I refer to my teaching portfolio (available on request).

Curricula design and developmental work: Together with colleagues in the Sound and Music computing group, I initiated, designed and proposed the new master education for Sound and Music Computing. I am also actively participating in the ongoing revision of the current study plan for Medialogy.

Pedagogical training merits:
- University Teacher education for assistant professors, AAU (7 ECTS) Oct 2009- Feb 2011.
- Introduction to Problem Based Learning - The AAU way, Spring 2009.
- University Pedagogy, KTH Learning lab, (approx 3  ECTS) Spring 2002.

Current/recent course teaching at Aalborg University in Copenhagen (AAU) and University of Oslo (UiO):

Spring 2014:
- Embodied Interaction (AAU, Medialogy master, 5 ECTS, shared)
- Lectures in Music and motion (UiO, Musicology bachelor)
- Lectures in Methods (UiO, Musicology master)

Fall 2013:
- Perception (AAU, Medialogy 3rd semester, 5 ECTS)
- Coordination Medialogy 3rd semester (shared).
- Lecture in Lydanalyse (UiO, Musicology master)

Spring 2013:
- Sound and Music Computing (AAU, Medialogy 4th semester, 5 ECTS, shared)

Fall 2012:
- Perception (AAU, Medialogy 3rd semester, 5 ECTS)
- Coordination Medialogy 3rd semester (shared).

Currently most of my teaching and supervision is for students on bachelor and master level at Aalborg University Copenhagen, but I also teach at University of Oslo. I was also involved in teaching during my time  at Institute for Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine in Hanover as well as a doctoral student at KTH Speech, Music, and Hearing.