Research areas

With a background in electrical engineering and musicology, my research interests have focused on how musicians' control and interact with their instruments, as well as musical communication with sound and movements.

Being a drummer, I've taken special interest in percussionists' interaction with their instrument. Percussionists are musicians with highly specialised movements, and they are also expected to perform the same rhythmic pattern under varying circumstances (meaning different surfaces, mallets etc.)

Research interests:

Participation in Research Projects and Networks

ASIAMS - Auditory and Sensory-motor Integration in the Acquisition and Maintenance of Skilled movements in musical performance. A MOBILITY-2.1 Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (EIF) aiming at studying healthy and unhealthy movement strategies in music performance.

Cost 287 ConGAS - Gesture CONtrolled Audio Systems (Mar 2003-Mar 2007)
A cost action with the purpose of contributing to the different gesture data analysis connected to the control of digital sound and music processing.

MEGA - Multisensory Expressive Gesture Applications (Nov 2000-Oct 2003)
The project is centered on the modeling and communication of expressive and emotional content in non-verbal interaction by multi-sensory interfaces in shared interactive mixed reality environments.

SOb - The Sounding Object (Jan 2001-Dec 2002 )
The aim of the SOb project was to develope sound models that are responsive to physical interactions and are easily matched to physical objects.