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Here you will find information about me and my work, including studies on drummer's movement, timing, and interaction with their instruments. 


Aug 31, 2016: Drumset playing Book chapters and semester start
Well this was an embarrassingly long silence. And it's not like nothing has been going on. For instance, at the start of summer I did a first analysis of data from a full-body motion capture session on drumset playing, the first to my knowledge, which we did at the fourMs at University of Oslo in spring. Some  from this I used to illustrate my contribution to the upcoming Springer handbook of human motion. I plan to put up some videos of this in the near future. Right now I am finishing another book chapter and preparing for semester start.

Sep 19, 2015: Perception, perception, perception
In Oslo for some teaching and the seminar on Illusions - Present and feature with great talks and discussions. Looking forward to introducing some of the stuff in the courses on perception I'm teaching this semester. Also got the news that there will be an opening for a joint position in music perception between Department of Musicology and Department of Psychology here at UiO. Interdiciplinarity as its best! (And Norwegian waffles for breakfast always makes my day.)

Aug 11 , 2015: Pupillometry and new courses
Back full time at work refreshed from summer and with new, exciting knowledge from The First Summer Workshop on The Application of Pupillometry in Hearing Science to assess Listening Effort, at VU Medical Center, Amsterdam. Lots of ideas in my head that need to be put to the test. I'm also preparing to teach Music Perception and Cognition for the new students on our Sound and Music Computing master and am all thrilled about it!

Jan 14 , 2015: Back in business...slightly
Now with enlarged family, I am gradually returning to work and will be doing part-time teaching and reserach both in Copenhagen and Oslo over the next months. First lectures in Oslo will be Musik og bevægelse and Music cognition already next week. I also got invited to talk at Music In the Brain in Aarhus in May. I'm looking forward to an exciting spring!

May18 , 2014: On leave.
I am now on maternity leave again, awaiting the birth of our second child - which could be any day now. Also, the deadline for submissions to Frontiers Research Topic Functions of musical rhythm is approaching, full papers are due on MAY 28.

Mar19 , 2014: Dancing paper online.
Well whaddayaknow, time just rushes by. New year, new courses to teach, and new applications to submit has kept me very busy. In the meantime, the paper on preferred dance tempo together with David Huron, Garvin Brod, and Eckart Altenmüller  is published online. I keep busy finishing things off before I will leave on maternity leave again mid-april. Another addition to the family is expected mid-May.

Dec 16 , 2013: fourMs.
Just spent a few days with the fourMs group at the university of Oslo. Nice to be able to spend a few days together enjoying a small, informal workshop featuring a number of different scopes and methods. Will be interesting to follow up on the new ideas for investigations that started coming up.

Nov 27 , 2013: Apply to Sound and Music Computer master.
The call for our new master in Sound and Music Computing is out. There are a limited number of places are available and enrollment is free for EU-citizens. Apply by February 15th, 2014.

Nov 20 , 2013: Sound and Music Computing master approved.
We just got the news that our proposal for a new master education in Sound and Music Computing (SMC) has been approved and can start in Aalborg University Copenhagen in Sep 2014. Great news, and we very much look forward to running the new education! More info on the master will be available shortly.

Nov 5 , 2013: Functions of musical rhythm in Frontiers.

Together with Guy Madison, Jessica Grahn, and Fabien Gouyon I am Topic Editor of the Research Topic Functions of musical rhythm, hosted in Frontiers. The call has been distributed to potential contributors but the call is open to all.
Just before the weekend I finished this year's application to DFF together with Peter Vuust from Aarhus University. An exciting project with international collaborations at Umeå University, Charite University of Medicine in Berlin, and University of Oslo. With University of Oslo, I also now have 20% adjunct associate professorship for the coming 5 years and will travel there to teach and supervise regularly.

Sep 3 , 2013: Start of semester.

The International Symposium on Performance Science in Vienna was a very nice and well organized event with several good keynotes and presentations. Next ISPS will be organized by Ryukoku University in Japan. Back in Copenhagen it turns out our equipment is delayed, but we cound on setting up the Augmented Cognition Lab in the next month. Meanwhile we are busy welcoming the new students (150 or so on the third semester of the medialogy bachelor program which I am coordinating.) 

August 14 , 2013: EEG and fourMs.

Back to work after a relaxing summer and exciting times ahead: The EEG/EMG/ECG equipment we got funded from the Obel foundation will arrive here at the end of the summer. Also, I will be adding another affiliation: starting September 2013, I will commence an adjunct associate professorship at the Department of Musicology, University of Oslo. I look forward to the future collaborations with the people at fourMs.

June 11 , 2013: Geneva.
The colloquium "Music, Gestures and Emotions" in Geneva was a very nice event with old and new friends, and interesting talks from very different aspects of music research (although unfortunately I was not able to understand the ones in French). And nice weather to boot. The only thing less good was the thorough cold and clogged-up nose I brought from home...

Now avaits the usual exam periods and, later in the summer  Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference and International Symposium on Performance Science in Vienna!

April 3 , 2013: Invited speaker.
I've been bad in updating lately. In fact, It's already some time since I got the invitation to talk at the colloquium "Music, Gestures and Emotions" 3rd to 5th June in Geneva. I am looking forward to that. And keeping my fingers crossed for a number of applications in the pipeline.

Oct 19 , 2012: Settling in at Sydhavn.
It's been an intense autumn and start of the semester after the AAU-CPH campus move to Sydhavn. I have been very busy with teaching and other duties, but today I finally managed to unpack the boxes from the move - so I guess things are settling in a bit now :)

July 16 , 2012: Successful SMC 2012.
The Sound and Music Computing Conference 2012 turned out to be a very successful event with good keynotes and papers and a happy crowd. The new location for AAU Copenhagen proved a great venue for this kind of event and despite the many unknowns with the move there all worked surprisingly well. I am now looking forward to next year's SMC event in conjunction with Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference!

June 13 , 2012: Back in business.
I am now back from maternity leave and am now Associate professor. Exciting times coming up with the approaching  Sound and Music Computing Conference 2012 which will take place in the new AAU-Cph campus in Sydhavn. From August 1st my work address will change to A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 Copenhagen SV

March 29 , 2012: Improable research.

Photo credits: Andrea Rapisarda

Just got back home from giving three talks at the Ig Nobel Scandinavia tour, a new and fun experience. I'm grateful to Marc Abrahams and the organizers who invited me, and to my partner who REALLY made it possible for me to participate while on maternity leave. The article in the Guardian about the topic of my talk also prompted an interview in Politiken.

Feb 16 , 2012: Denmark Ig Nobel Prize Tour in March.
Not (yet?) an Ig Nobel Prize winner I have never-the-less been invited to participate in the Danish tour. The Ig Nobel Prize tour will visit the universities in Aarhus, Odense, and Copenhagen March 23-28 and features several international reserachers who will briefly present their improbable research. Should be great fun! 

Jan 26 , 2012: Sonification handbook.
For those that have not yet heard: The Sonification Handbook edited by Thomas Hermann, Andy Hunt, John G. Neuhoff is published. And, even better, freely available for download here!.

Jan 18 , 2012: PhD course - again.
The PhD course Multimodal Interaction in Virtual Environments will be running for the second time spring 2012. Spread the word to anyone intersted.

Jan 2 , 2012: On leave
Due to the birth of my daughter in December I will be on maternity leave the following months (until June). Best wishes for 2012!

Nov 11 , 2011: In memoriam: Anders Loguin
One of the founders of the percussion ensamble Kroumata, and one of Sweden's most important percussionists recently passed away. Rest well Anders.

Sep 28 , 2011: Sound and Music Computing Conference in Copenhagen 2012
Aalborg University Copenhagen are hosting Sound and Music Computing Conference 2012. Come and join us July 12-14!

Aug , 2011: Drumming studies in Japanese
A translated version of my paper will appear in Journal of the Acoustical Society of Japan. For us that don't read Japanese, the English version of my invited review can be found online in Acoustical Science and Technology here.

June 26, 2011: Conference summer ahead!
This year has really an abundance of interesting meetings, of which I am only able to attend a few. First up is Forum Acusticum in Aalborg. Next, the 13th International Rhythm Perception and Production Workshop will be held at Max Planck Institute in Leipzig in July. And finally, International Symposium on Performance Science in Toronto in August.

March 17, 2011: New publications coming up!
I am currently busy writing up results on dystonic movement patterns in drummers for submission. Also, I am invited to write a paper for a special issue for the Journal of Acoustical Society of Japan(JASJ) and I am also writing for Forum Acusticum, which will be held in Aalborg at the end of June.

Even more exciting news is that the manuscript: Action Expertise Reduces Brain Activity for Audiovisual Matching Actions: An FMRI study with expert drummers. by Karin Petrini; Frank E Pollick; Sofia  Dahl; Phil  McAleer; Lawrie  McKay; Davide Rocchesso; Carl  H Waadeland; Scott  Love; Federico  Avanzini; and Aina  Puce, has been accepted for publication in Neuroimage.

Feb 19, 2011New webpage! You may notice that some parts are still under construction (let me know if you think I missed something or you find something looking odd). I'm working on updating the project pages, so please check back soon.