Drumming experience

I have been active playing drumset in various constellations (playing metal, rock, pop, and jazz) since I first started playing in 1986. My current duo is The Tape is Broken. Some older bands I've played in are: Aoria | KRASS | Zeke's bar | Myoclonic | HEX | Bara Damer| I’ve also been sitting in at gigs and rehearsals for various other bands.

Other drumming and percussion playing activities:

1986 - 1992: Weekly drum lessons for Per Hultén at Kommunala Musikskolan.

1989 - 1990: Participated in "Trumslagarpojkarna" instructed by Tommy Törner, and performed in a number of parades for the change of guards, "Vaktparaden".

1993 August - 1994 May: Performance studies at Wiks folkhögskola. Weekly drum lessons for Hans Bruniusson.

2006 March - Dec: Classical percussion in "University Band" at School of Music, Ohio State University. Performed three concerts directed by Jon Waters, Zachary Roberts, and more.

2006 March - Dec: Played double tenor in "OSU Steel Band", directed by Ken Archer, at School of Music, Ohio State University. During the period, the band performed twice together with Lennard Moses.