Some places that mean something to me for various reasons.

When you live in a country you tend to collect a bunch of things that are useful, needed, or just fun. Here are my - not very sorted - samples.

Stockholm and Sweden: Swedish-English Dictionary| Nordic Swedish| comic library| Sunkhak| the Baltic Stockholms Skärgård

Columbus and Ohio: Merriam-Webster online| Things to see and places to go: Columbus alive | Wexner Center for the arts | Columbus Community festival | Cringe | Ruby Tuesday | Ravari Room | Surly Girl Saloon | Cedar Point |

Italy: English - Italian dictionary | Radio rock | Getting around: Trains in Italy |

Hanover, Germany: English - German dictionary | LEO main page | Hannover | Glocksee | Bei Chez Heinz | Faust |Getting around:  Trains in Germany | Travelplan | Hanover public transportation |

Copenhagen: Dictionary| All about Copenhagen| The freetown Christiania |Spiseloppen | Listening to music: Global | |Loppen |Stengade |Vega | Getting around: rejseplanen | real time display of S-trains |